Craft Class

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Writing, in all its forms, is the most challenging and most solitary mode of storytelling. Henry Miller calls writing “a voyage of discovery,” and regardless of genre or style, the aim of every great writer is to tell the story of these discoveries in a new and compelling way.

Co-taught with James White the Craft Class will acquaint, or reacquaint, writers to the elements of craft in all three main genres—poetry, fiction and nonfiction—as well as consider each genres’ flexibility and the relationships between them. Students will gain a foundational understanding of the conventions and terminologies through the reading of published works in each writing style, and learn to recognize instances where the genres overlap. Additionally, students will familiarize themselves with the workshop classroom environment, including its demands and rewards, by learning and implementing the concepts and tools of peer editing.

Although the class will not have “formal workshops,” there will be time allotted to the sharing and critiquing of free writing assignments done both in class and at home. This class does not require any prior experience in creative writing, and is thus particularly beneficial for those looking to learn the basics of a variety of writing forms without the expectation of producing a large amount of work in a short amount of time.